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Where does the produce come from?

We offer our home grown produce when it is in season, which typically runs from June/July all the way into September.

When we can’t offer home grown items, we try to purchase from local farmers. These are farmers we’ve worked with for several years. This way the produce is delivered directly to us and we, in turn, bring it directly to you- fewer handoffs involved.

Some items we offer simply aren’t grown in the Midwest. For instance, our fresh peaches are brought up from Georgia, Missouri, and Colorado as they are in season. If you have any other questions about the produce we sell, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Why should I buy from Huffman Produce vs. the grocery store?

We are a small, local family farm located right here in Valley, Nebraska (with most of our growing ground in Valley) and have been providing quality produce to the Omaha Metro for years.

More importantly, we deeply care about how we grow and source our produce. We want to bring the freshest, tastiest produce directly to the homes of Omaha.

Lastly, during this unprecedented time in our world we recognize that it’s important to limit contact which is why:

1. Buying our produce limits the amount of hands touching the food you eat.
2. Produce is fresher as it’s not “sitting” around at a store or being picked over by other people.

We appreciate our customers and will continue to strive to offer you the freshest produce in town!

What if I receive a product that is less than quality?

Huffman Produce offers guarantees on all produce. Contact us through email or Facebook, and we are happy to work with you!

How do I apply for a job at Huffman Produce?

Huffman Produce has positions available for roadside stand sellers. Our roadside stands are often employed by high school and college students. Once these employees return to school in the fall, Huffman Produce is looking for people to finish the season through end of September. Contact us through email or Facebook, and we will be happy to discuss open positions.

What if I have a local product that I make/grow and want to partner with Huffman Produce?

Huffman Produce is always looking for new partnerships in the community to expand our available product. Contact us through email or Facebook, and we will be happy to discuss this opportunity!

Where do you deliver?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer delivery. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

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